Odd Even Odds AtHi88 – How to Play From Basic to Advanced

Odd even odds is one of the important odds in the odds table that members cannot ignore. How to bet on football even and odd odds always attracts the attention of many participants. Let’s Trang chủ Hi88 See more details about the secret to winning when playing this odds.

Learn odd even odds – Familiar odds in soccer

Even odds are given to divide the odds of winning or losing in soccer based on the total number of final goals. Players only need to choose whether the final result of the match is even or odd. For example, the final number of goals for both teams is 5, so the person who bets on the odd number will win.

Characteristics of the bet

When getting acquainted with odd even bet, members can refer to the symbols displayed on the board such as:

  • E: Abbreviation for Even, also known as even odds in football.
  • O: Also known as Odd, symbol for odd odds when betting.

The characteristic of this bet is 50/50, the chance of winning is high, so many people choose it. This result will largely depend on luck, so not everyone can predict the total number of goals.

Similar to some other soccer bets, players can bet on the number of goals in the first or second half. In addition, to increase the appeal of the match, there are many more betting variations. other bets.

Characteristics of Even/odd ratio in online sports betting

Types of even and odd bets

When playing this soccer odds bet, members can refer to basic types of bets such as:

  • Bet odd/odd: Correctly predict the number of goals for the home team is odd and the away team is also oddlikeSo.
  • Odd/even bet: The player bets on an odd number of goals for the home team and an even number of goals for the away team.
  • Even/odd bet: A prediction that the number of goals for the home team is even and the away team is even reverseagain.
  • Odds to predict whether the number of yellow cards in the match is even or odd.
  • Based on the total number of corner kicks, or penalties…

The most accurate way to calculate money in football odds

To attendguessWith this soccer rate, members need to clearly understand how to calculate money in soccer. Whether you choose to win the full match or half the match, you will apply the super simple formula below:

Winning amount = Bet amount x odd even odds

For example, in the match between Real Madrid and Chelsea, the odd and even odds are 1.97 and 1.93, respectively. When a member bets on even numbers with an amount of 100k, two calculation methods can be applied as follows:

  • If the final result is the same as beforeput, you will apply the formula 100 x 1.93 = 193K winnings.
  • When the result is odd, the player is considered to have lost the amount previously bet.

How to calculate money correctly in online soccer at the bookmaker

Some of the most effective odd-even betting experiences

To fish degree With this soccer ratio, you need to apply some detailed experiences below:

Betting is based on the performance of the two participating sides

The secret to playing the even/odd ratio for members is based on the performance of the participating members. If these two teams are both big and have good playing style, it will be difficult to score goals, so choosing the result will be easier.
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If the two sides play with a big difference in performance, they are likely to score many goals. At this time, it is difficult for you to analyze the ratio odd even bet football.

Consider it a side bet

The experience of betting on odd even odds in soccer that helps members is to consider it as a side bet. This is a football bet with high risk, so members should not put too much money into it. Only when betting with a small amount of money, bettors will avoid losses when playing soccer betting.

Keep a stable mentality when betting on football

To bet odd even bet, you cannot ignore the extremely important psychological factor. If you are mentally unstable, then playballstone of fellow members will become even more difficult.

Before any situation, if the player stays calm, they will have time to think logically. Betting will become easier if you apply tipsplayballstonethis important.

The most accurate soccer odd-even betting experience

Odd even betting at reputable addresses

Members when betting on football even and odd odds should choose a reputable participating address.Hi88 is one of the prestigious entertainment paradises and ensures benefits for participating members. Soccer odds also have a high chance of winning, so it will be easier for members to experience.

Thus, the important information shared in the article has helped people better understand odd even bet in sports betting. To win this ratio is not difficult because the chance of winning is 50/50 so you can try your luck. Wishing bettors to always be confident while experiencing this quality football betting at a reputable playgroundHi88.

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