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Buying machinery and equipment is a delicate task for food plant management. You don’t want sanitary clamps that don’t fit or reduce plant performance. Only a trusted source can guarantee you the proper sanitary fittings. So how do you choose a sanitary clamps supplier? Check for these features.

OEM Fittings: Original sanitary clamps will improve your plant’s operation. Original sanitary clamps are required. American Iron and Steel Institute: 88% of steel is recycled. Two out of three tons of steel are recycled, according to studies.

Most steel sector vendors may sell recycled sanitary clamps. In your analysis, use OEM components to boost your facility’s performance.

Cleanliness: Food manufacturing cannot sacrifice cleanliness. Legally, food production factories must maintain high standards of sanitation to safeguard customer health. Before purchasing sanitary clamps, check sure the provider follows hygiene regulations, likewise for sanitary valves and filters.

SS Parts: As said, the quality of sanitary clamps relies on the metals utilized. Consider stainless steel fittings instead of other metals. Stainless steel is a typical food-processing metal. Clean and simple to clean. Food chemicals don’t corrode stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, improving food quality.

Experiential: Prioritize the supplier’s experience while buying industrial supplies. Union Metal, which supplies sanitary clamps, knows what your food facility requires. Longevity in the business means the organization offers quality industrial components. New firms that sell inexpensive sanitary clamps might be costly over time.

Installing: Always get industrial parts from a provider that offers installation. Technically savvy companies should deliver your industrial components. They’ll install, repair, and maintain your food-producing facility. This strategy may minimize installation expenses by more than 50%, helping the company’s finances.

Dependability: Everything above depends on supplier dependability. Therefore, you must deal solely with trusted vendors. Many businesses have strong customer interactions. These firms sell edible plant components. They’ll instantly offer a new component, eliminating business downtime.


Need sanitary clamps? Union Metal provides hygienic clamps. We distribute stainless steel butterfly valves and filters. With over a decade of experience, we’ll source and install your stainless steel components as required.

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