What Are The Motor Powers Of Different Electric Moped?

The motor power is the most critical factor of electric moped performance, which you can measure by W or kW. It represents the maximum power of a moped’s motors. The higher this value is, the more powerful your moped will be.

What is an electric moped?

Sit-down scooters are the second term used for electric mopeds. Typically, they resemble gasoline-powered mopeds in appearance. They frequently have helmet storage under the seat or in the leg shield and feature a body and leg shield that hide their electrical mechanics.

What is the difference between an electric moped and an electric scooter?

You will not find any pedals in mopeds. They are essentially low-powered motorbikes with less than two horsepower and a top speed of 30 miles per hour, which is one way they vary from scooters. Driving a moped requires a license, insurance, and registration. They are either powered by a battery or a gas engine.

What are the different motor powers in which an electric moped is available?

Look at the motor powers in which mopeds are available at Alibaba.


It can go up to 60 km/h and climb up to a 15-degree slope. The rider of this moped should not exceed their weight limit. A 350 W motor power is suitable for a small moped. A 350 W motor power is also suitable for a lightweight moped. In other words, it is suitable for people who are smaller in stature and strength than the average person is.

Electric mopeds with this motor power are very fast. This is high-level motor power, meaning you can ride it anywhere without struggle. These are small motor power electric mopeds and the safest to use. It is suitable for the city, climbing, and hills. It is also suitable for traveling in the city.

The most common motor power of an electric moped is 500 W. It can reach up to 25 km/h (15 mph) and climb up to 15 percent slope. 750 W motor power is suitable for city riding. It will be able to provide you with a decent level of speed and acceleration, but it may struggle on hills or steep inclines. This motor size is also great for beginners who want to learn how to ride an electric moped, as they can get used to the controls without too much stress or worry.

Why is the motor power of an electric moped essential?

Motor power is the most crucial factor in moped performance. It determines the speed of your moped, and you want to get as much speed as possible. Mopeds are defined by their voltage, which measures how much electrical energy they can produce. When you see a wattage rating for an e-bike or scooter battery pack, that’s a good indication of its ability to produce power within the context of an electric vehicle like this.


Here we have told you the motor power of the electric moped. The lower your moped’s motor power, the more likely it will struggle with hills, rough roads, and carrying heavy loads. The higher your moped’s motor power, the faster it will go and the easier it will be to accelerate from a standstill position.

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