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AIVISON’s AMB-300JZ: Elevating Warehouse Efficiency with Secure AMR Technology

In the dynamic landscape of AMR automated mobile robot for warehouse operations, AIVISON takes the lead with their cutting-edge AMB-300JZ Laser SLAM Latent Jacking Transfer Robot. Dive into a realm of heightened security and unparalleled efficiency as AIVISON redefines the standards of AMR technology in the autonomous mobile robots warehouse domain.

Fortifying Safety with 360° Protection

AIVISON’s AMB-300JZ sets itself apart by prioritizing safety. With dual lasers and bumper strip sensors strategically positioned at the front and back, this AMR automated mobile robot ensures 360° protection. They’ve engineered a solution that not only navigates seamlessly through warehouse spaces but does so with an unprecedented level of security, minimizing the risk of collisions and enhancing overall operational safety.

Unleashing Efficiency Through Laser SLAM Mastery

The heart of the AMB-300JZ lies in its Laser SLAM technology. AIVISON has masterfully integrated this advanced navigation system to provide the transfer robot with unparalleled precision. This ensures not only swift and efficient movement within the warehouse but also the ability to adapt dynamically to changing environments. AIVISON’s commitment to efficiency shines through as they redefine the landscape of autonomous mobile robots warehouse applications.

Rapid Charging for Continuous Operations

AIVISON understands the value of uptime in warehouse operations. The AMB-300JZ boasts an impressive charging feature—just 10 minutes of charging provides a full hour of continuous operation. This not only minimizes downtime but also ensures that the AMR automated mobile robot remains a reliable and constant force in your warehouse, contributing to sustained productivity.


As warehouses evolve into hubs of advanced automation, AIVISON’s AMB-300JZ emerges as a game-changer. They’ve seamlessly combined security, efficiency, and rapid charging capabilities, setting a new standard for autonomous mobile robots in warehouse settings. Embrace the future of warehouse automation with AIVISON, where the AMB-300JZ stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

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