How to Play 6-Card Cards to Become a Master in 2024

How to play 6-card card game is becoming one of the most discussed issues on the forum today. This is a game that possesses simple principles and is suitable for all members who want to participate in the experience at New88 Đăng Nhập.

Summary of all information about the 6-card card game

How to play 6-card card game is another name for Catte. The game is considered to have many similarities with the blockbuster Tien Gow from China. This game will allow from 2 to 6 members to participate and use 52 cards in the tu lo kho set to experience. Here, each member will receive 6 cards face down and kept completely secret.

If you want to win in each match, you will need to skillfully combine your judgment and sharp observation. Besides, understanding the principles and gameplay is definitely something that bettors cannot ignore.

Instructions on how to play 6-card card game for beginners

If you are a rookie, you will definitely not be able to ignore the extremely important information below.

Share terms commonly used in 6-card poker

Currently, this game often has specialized terms and is used by players to communicate with each other in every game. So if you understand this information, it will definitely be easier for you to improve your profit margin:

  • Card: Is a case where a member will be blocked during a round.
  • Survival: During a round, the player is not blocked by any other opponent
  • Dead: If a member is carded in all four rounds, it will be called dead.
  • Win: This case only happens if you own extremely valuable cards and no one can block them for 4 consecutive rounds.
  • White Win: The player owns all cards with a value less than 6 or any four of a kind.
  • Show cards: Members need to have at least one hand in hand to be able to get to this round.
  • Skipping cards: Brothers holding cards of the same suit, with a higher numerical value than the dealer, will officially win.

How to play the 6-card card game through each round

At the present time, based on the 6 cards you own How to play 6-card card game will also be divided into different rounds.

Rules of card game from round 1 to round 4

After receiving the card, the system will designate the member who has the right to distribute the card first. Through the following games, the player who won previously will take this right. The game will allow turns to be made in the same clockwise direction.

When the first card appears, you will also have different choices. Players can use cards of the same suit with higher numerical values ​​to block their opponents. In the opposite case, you must place 1 card face down and it is called a card.

In the next rounds How to play 6-card card game The above rules will still apply. However, note that if you continuously get carded in all four rounds, you will be considered dead. At this time, you will be considered defeated and cannot continue to participate in the following rounds.

The fifth round in the 6-card card game

As soon as the four basic rounds end, all surviving members will come to the card showdown. The player who wins in the fourth round will have the right to bet first. However, you need to keep the remaining leaves secret to turn them into the key to your chances of winning.

Immediately after that, the other opponents will also display any card according to the rules. In case a player owns a card of the same suit with greater value, he will officially steal the right in the sixth round.

The final round in the 6-card card game

Here, the member who owns the card with the highest value will flip the cards to find the winner. If no opponent successfully blocks it, it is considered that you will come first. However, if only one person owns a card with a higher numerical value and is of the same suit, you will be considered a loser.


Above is extremely useful information about How to play 6-card card game that members are wondering about. Please quickly visit the New88 homepage to immediately experience this extremely unique game series.

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