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Improve Nucleic Acid Extraction with Magen Biotech’s Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Salt Advancements

Magen Biotech captivates the scientific community with its groundbreaking Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate salt (SDS) for nucleic acid extraction. This core raw material undergoes vigorous screening and stringent quality control processes to ensure optimal performance. SDS, a highly efficient surfactant, exhibits the extraordinary capability to dissolve nearly all proteins. By breaking the non-covalent bonds within proteins, SDS irreversibly denatures them and deprives them of their natural structure and function. In the realm of nucleic acid extraction, SDS plays a critical role in cell lysis, liberating precious soluble substances. It disrupts the bonding between proteins, protein-lipid, and lipid-lipid connections, ultimately leading to the structural denaturation and degradation of proteins.

Advancing Extraction Techniques: Magen Biotech’s SDS Excellence

Magen Biotech’s SDS takes nucleic acid extraction to new heights, thanks to its unparalleled characteristics. Among detergents, SDS boasts the highest critical micelle temperature, resulting in its precipitation at low temperatures, especially in the presence of potassium salt. This exceptional attribute proves invaluable in removing proteins from digestive juices. Magen Biotech’s SDS undergoes meticulous screening, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Researchers and professionals in the field rely on Magen Biotech’s high-quality SDS to dissolve proteins effectively, delivering enhanced purity and reliable results in nucleic acid extraction procedures.

Empowering Scientific Discoveries: The Superiority of Magen Biotech’s SDS

Magen Biotech’s dedication to product excellence extends to their SDS, enabling researchers to push the boundaries of scientific innovation. Meticulous screening processes and stringent quality control measures ensure the delivery of an SDS that excels in dissolving proteins and disrupting their structure. By choosing Magen Biotech’s SDS for nucleic acid extraction, researchers embrace a reliable and high-performance solution that propels their scientific discoveries forward. Magen Biotech’s SDS empowers scientists to streamline their extraction processes, unlocking fresh insights in the fields of molecular biology and genetic research.


Magen Biotech’s Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate salt (SDS) represents a paradigm shift in nucleic acid extraction techniques. Its ability to dissolve proteins and inhibit their structure plays a crucial role in cell lysis and the release of valuable soluble substances. Magen Biotech sets the benchmark for SDS superiority, with its proprietary formula precipitating at low temperatures, particularly in the presence of potassium salt. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident through meticulous screening and stringent quality control processes, ensuring the delivery of a performance-driven solution. Researchers trust in Magen Biotech’s SDS to dissolve proteins effectively, driving their scientific discoveries and forging new frontiers in molecular biology and genetic research.

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