Mornsun Launched Pv Series Photovoltaic Power Supplies

Mornsun‘s PV series is a specialized power module designed specifically for the photovoltaic sector of the new energy industry. The product has an ultra broad and high voltage DC input (200-1200VDC), a steady output, high efficiency, large capacitive load, low ripple noise, and high dependability. These qualities may be found in the product. It has multiple protection functions, such as input under-voltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection, which can improve the safety performance of the power supply and its load when the module power supply works abnormally. Additionally, it can provide a stable operating voltage for the customers’ equipment.

Application of the Product:

The criteria of high input voltage, high reliability, low ripple noise, and protective function are all met by this series of goods, making them suitable for widespread usage in various types of high-voltage direct current low voltage DC power supply systems. In addition, it has various potential applications, including those in the sectors of low-voltage new energy and wind energy.

Specifications of the Product:

-The voltage range for the input is 200 to 1200 VDC.

-Industrial operating temperature: -40℃~+70℃

-4000 VDC Isolation voltage at a high level

-Very low ripple voltage, as low as 50 millivolts

-Effectiveness reaching up to 83%

-Large capacitive load

-A rapid start may be achieved over the whole input range without derating.

-It contains several different safeguards.

-High dependability, a long life, and a quality guarantee period of three years


The Mornsun photovoltaic power series power modules (CE certification) provide an ultra-wide input voltage range of 100-1500VDC and a temperature range of -40°to to +70°. This allows control systems to draw power directly from solar panels and ensures that they operate reliably and dependably. The modules have many types of safety built into them, including anti-reverse connection prevention, output over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and isolation voltage 4000 VAC. All of these protections work together to keep the circuit from becoming unstable.

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