Play Lieng 3 Cards – Learn the Rules of Lieng 3 Cards that Few People Know

Play Lieng 3 cards is one of the most popular games in the online betting world today. This form is always the top choice of many brothers, thanks to the very easy way to participate. Besides, people can both have fun and bring themselves extremely valuable rewards. Please read the sharing below to better understand the law of this type.
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Learn generally about playing Lieng 3 cards

For many of you who have been playing card games for a long time, this game is probably no stranger to you because Lieng is one of the very popular types, loved by many bettors. The way to play Lieng card game is also very simple like Tien Len or Lien La. However, for new brothers, it will be difficult.

Lieng 3 card game rules for new gamers

When experiencing any game, the first thing is to understand the rules and playing Lieng is no exception. To have a chance to win, you need to understand how to play because this is a very important factor. Below we will summarize the game rules for you.

Rules for dealing Lieng card game 3 cards

The rules for dealing Lieng 3 cards are the same as Tien Len, Blackjack… all use a deck of 52 cards. In each game, there are up to 2-6 participants.

The first thing you need to do when participating is to bet an amount of money in accordance with the betting level set by the house.

Next, the leader (if playing Lieng online, it is the dealer) will deal the member 3 cards clockwise. During this time, if you feel your cards are good and have the potential to win big, you can bet more. The highest score is 10 points, followed by 9 points and decreasing in turn.

Lieng game rules for new bettors

Lieng’s game rules are similar to Poker. Participants will have to go through 3 rounds of betting. Let’s learn more about the laws of this subject:

  • Set your cards: If you feel your cards are too small to have any chance of winning and you don’t need to bet.
  • According to: The first person will bet an amount of money and the next person will bet the same amount calculated clockwise.
  • Raise: Similar to the players but will place a higher bet. The other brothers will choose to follow or not follow the previous participant. If no one follows, the money will belong to the person raising the bet.
  • All-in: This means you will bet all the capital you have.

Scoring rules of Lieng card game

When you know the scoring rules of this game portal, you can come up with a suitable strategy. The 3-card Lieng deck will be arranged in descending order based on the following regulations:

– Wax: These are 3 cards of the same value. For example, three five odd spades, thirty seven odd diamonds. It is necessary to compare the value of the cards when two players both own the suit.
– Lieng: Three consecutive cards but not in the same suit. Ace, 2, 3 or Q, K, Ace are accepted. Meanwhile, the combination of Q, K, and Ace is considered to have the greatest value.
– Lieng Dong Hoa: 3 cards J, Q, K but not considered Lieng or Sap are called Dong Hoa.
– If your card does not fall into one of the special cases above, then everyone counts the total of 3 cards. In which, 10, J, Q, K are 0 points and Ace is 1 point. Besides, 2 – 9 will be calculated based on the number of points equal to the value of each corresponding card.

Revealing tips for playing Lieng 3 cards to always win

Down here New88 I will share some tips for playing Lieng 3 cards to help you improve your chances of winning, so please follow along.

Good capital management

One of the extremely important principles that you should follow is managing your capital. You should not bet more money than you can afford to lose if you lose, to avoid financial risks.

Know how to read and understand your opponent’s psychology

Understanding your opponent’s psychology while participating always plays an important role in playing Lieng 3 Cay. You must try to understand your opponent’s gestures and attitudes, to be able to predict their cards. Through this, we help you make the most optimal decisions.
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Always keep a good spirit and be confident

Mentality is always an indispensable factor, a good mental state will help you play more effectively. At the same time, when dealing with difficult times like losing too much, don’t let negative emotions affect your decisions.


Playing Lieng 3 cards is an interesting card game that always attracts many participants. This article is our sharing of the rules of the game to help you succeed, hopefully the information will be useful to you.

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