Reasons Why You Should Choose Welland Body Composition Analyzer

The health of humans is garnering an increasing amount of focus in light of the current status of the planet. To have a better understanding of the state of one’s body, a body composition analyzer is an excellent tool that can be utilized by both the average person and the fitness fanatic. Body composition analyzers are Welland’s area of expertise, and they are manufactured by the company.

One body composition analyzer can reliably identify obesity.

The diagnosis of obesity is based on the criteria of excessive body fat buildup and an above-average body fat percentage. Welland’s body composition analyzer can precisely gauge how much fat a person has in their body and assess their body fat percentage to get an accurate diagnosis of obesity. Body composition analyzers, on the other hand, can only assess body weight, and people who are overweight are not necessarily obese, just as those who are normal are not normal, such as weightlifters or low-muscle obesity (invisible obesity). Body composition analyzers can also offer precise and varied body composition data, making it easier for you to build weight loss plans that are both accurate and manageable.

Body type can be determined with a body composition analyzer.

The body composition analyzer from Welland can precisely measure several variables, including the percentage of body fat, the quantity of skeletal muscle, the waist-to-hip fat ratio, and BMI. The measuring data allows for the classification of the human body into 9 kinds.

Body type analysis: low weight/weak, low weight/muscular, healthy weight, healthy weight/weak, healthy weight/muscular, healthy weight/obese, overweight/obese.


Welland is a manufacturer that specializes in body composition analyzers. Everything from the sensor elements to the product assembly is done in Welland’s high-quality factory. To learn more about Welland‘s OEM/ODM services, visit their official website.

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