What is a set of 3 10 numbers? How to create instant payouts with big rewards

A 3-digit spread of 10 numbers is a term that lottery players may encounter when participating in betting. This is a form of playing that may be familiar to veteran lottery players but is quite strange to newcomers. To better understand how to play 10 3-card numbers, see the article below Trang chủ New88 is the secret.

What is a set of 3 10 numbers?

Arrange 3 numbers of 10 numbers Or rather, a 3D lottery system consisting of 10 lottery numbers, used by players to predict the last 3 numbers of the prize in a drawing period. It can be simply understood that the lottery player will choose 10 3-digit numbers, within the range 000 to 999, to buy bets on the last 3 numbers of hundreds – tens – units of the special prize number sequence.

Creating a set of 3 with 10 numbers will help players increase their odds of winning, because if they only choose 1 number the probability of winning is only 1/1000, if there are 10 numbers it will be 10/1000 = 1/100 = 1%. At the same time, when combining additional strategies such as raising a 3-day frame, a 5-day frame, a 7-day frame, the winning rate will be even higher.

The special feature of the 3D 10-number set is that most of the numbers are closely related to each other. Players apply a certain rule to be able to predict success, so when veteran players have put down money for a 3-digit lottery of 10 numbers, they almost get huge rewards.

Top 3+ methods to create extremely effective 3-digit 10-digit numbers

Looking at the bridge to predict the problem is not easy, the 3D question is even more difficult, however some experts have compiled the following 3+ extremely effective methods of creating a set. If you don’t know which number is good, you should check it out right away and don’t miss:

Create a set of 3 numbers of 10 numbers according to the negative shade

This method will use the lottery negative shadow rule as a basis for numerical reasoning. So the first thing players need to understand is that the numbers are each other’s negative shadows:

  • 1 and 4 are pairs of shadows of each other.
  • The pair 2 -9 are shadows of each other.
  • 3 & 6 are a pair of negative lottery numbers.
  • 5 and 8 are shadows of each other.
  • The pair 0-7 are shadows of each other.

From the above rules, we have a way to create an arrangement according to sound shadow as follows:

  • Based on the head and tail statistics table, GDB often comes first.
  • Based on the rule of negative shadow to find out 2 more numbers which are the negative shadow of the head – tail or return.
  • Match 4 numbers together according to random rules to create 10 numbers for the 3D lottery.
  • Use the above system to invest in the next prize draws.

For example: According to statistics as of December 7, 2023 of XSMB, according to the beginning and ending GĐB, the beginning 7 – ending 1 appear most often. We have that the negative shadow of 7 is 0, the negative shadow of 1 is 4. Combine 4 numbers: 7 – 1 – 0 – 4 together to create a 3-digit 10-digit array including: 071, 471, 710, 714, 701, 741, 170, 174, 017, 417 to deposit money for the next days.

Create a set of 3 10-digit numbers according to the positive shade

The second method to use when creating a 3D lottery with 10 numbers is to use positive lottery numbers. The rule of positive shadow to remember is:

  • 1 & 6 are pairs of positive shadows of each other.
  • The pair 2-7 are positive shadows of each other.
  • The 8-3 pair is a positive shadow of each other.
  • 4 and 9 are positive shadows of each other.
  • 0 and 5 are pairs of positive balls according to the rules of lottery.

How to create a 3-claw array according to the positive shadow:

  • Review the statistics of the previous prize drawing period, determine the dumb first lot – the dumb last lot.
  • Look at the positive shadow of the mute head and ass just found in the above step.
  • Combine the numbers together to find a set of 10 numbers to play 3D lottery numbers in the following prize draws.

For example: According to the 2nd MB draw, there is no silent ending but silent beginning at 6 and 8. The player who predicts positive numbers will get 1 and 3, put the numbers together to find 10 numbers with positive numbers. 3 numbers to play the lottery: 861, 863, 136, 138, 316, 318, 361, 381, 163, 183, 186.

Create a set of 3 numbers of 10 numbers according to Over/Under

Creating a 10-digit 3-digit lottery according to the Over/Under rules is also quite simple. The easiest way is to apply the leaves according to the following formula:

  • Players calculate the total number of lots from the previous day, which side has more numbers from (00-49) and from (50-99). If (00-49) is more than the Under bet, (50-99) is more than the Over bet.
  • Small Set: Match any random numbers 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 to get 10 3-digit numbers.
  • Fortune Set: Combine any numbers from 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 into 10 3-digit numbers.

For example: According to the above statistical results, XSMB gives 15 numbers from 00-49 and 12 numbers from 50-99. Therefore, the player should play a set of 10 3D Under numbers for the next day, randomly matched you can choose: 101 – 202 – 321 – 432 – 243 – 104 – 421 – 324 – 212 – 234.

Create a 3-digit array of 10 numbers from a 2D problem

This way of playing is simpler, you just need to choose a beautiful 2D number for the next exam. Then proceed to match from 0 to 9 before that beautiful 2D number will have exactly 10 numbers for the next 3D set.

For example: Using the method of combining the beginning and ending of G1 – GĐB of XSMB on December 7 will get the number 71. Proceeding to combine 0-9 before 71 will get a 3D array of 10 numbers: 071 – 171- 271- 371 – 471 – 571 – 671 – 771 – 871 – 971 to proceed with raising the next issue.

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How much does it cost to get 3 numbers of 10 numbers?

Because the 3-digit 10-digit array is to predict the last 3 numbers of the lottery, the payout rate will be the same in all three regions: North – Central – South. Before playing, you must master the following rules:

  • Score of 3-digit 10 numbers: 1 point = 10,000 VND.
  • Odds of 1 point:
    • Bonus 500,000 VND if playing the traditional method, playing offline. Divide at a ratio of about 1 to 50.
    • Bonus 800,000 VND if playing online, divided about 1 to 80.

Calculate the payout with 10 3-digit numbers

For example: Player bets 10 numbers 071 – 171- 271- 371 – 471 – 571 – 671 – 771 – 871 – 971 for 5 points:

  • Investment amount = 5 * 10,000 = 50,000.
  • Correct prediction, bonus:
  • Traditional bet: 5 * 500,000 = 2,500,000 VND.
  • Play online: 5 * 800,000 = 4,000,000 VND.

See more ways create an outline detail

Where is a reputable place to bet on 3 numbers of 10 numbers?

With a fairly high reward rate, the thing players are most worried about is winning the bet but not being able to collect the bonus. So where should you play to ensure the green is ripe and receive the safest rewards?

Currently, professional lottery players on the market choose to play online to bring more generous profits. A familiar place that experienced players choose for long-term investment is New88 because it meets all the factors you are looking for:

  • New88 is a legal betting spot that has been recognized and controlled by Gaming Curacao and controls online betting activities.
  • Lottery halls come from reputable organizations to ensure fairness and maturity such as WinWin, Game Play,…
  • The reward rate is higher than the mayor’s average, specifically 1 point of 3D 10 numbers has a reward of 835,000 VND.
  • The lobby pays out fairly and quickly, within 5 – 15 minutes after receiving the results. New88 also supports the fastest valid withdrawal applications, absolutely no money hidden.
  • Betting is available 24/7, anytime you need, you can come to invest and make a profit.
  • In particular, the house also uses the most advanced security technology to secure and keep customers’ personal data safe. Absolutely safe and don’t worry about legal issues when playing here.

Above is the most complete information about the 3-digit 10-number arrangement – a form that promises to bring big rewards when playing at reputable bookmaker No. 1 – New88. However, remember to add as many flexible methods and applications as possible to get 10 beautiful numbers to get big prizes.

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