When In Need Of Superior Quality Artificial Quartz Stone

Quartz stone slab is a type of building material that has been used for centuries to create decorative items. Artificial quartz slabs offer solutions for different scenarios, such as kitchen, bathroom, wall, floor, and tabletop in residential buildings, office buildings, airports, hotels, etc. Quartz stone slabs are inspired by nature stones and then engineered in various colors, textures, designs, veins, and some solid features throughout a rigorous production process to bring a satisfying user experience.

What are the best types of quartz stone slabs?

With multiple choices available out of the market, the decision of choosing the most suitable artificial quartz stone can be tricky. Here are the two best types of quartz stone recommended:

Classic Calacatta quartz slab. BITTO BQ1106 Classic Calacatta quartz is an elegant bright white quartz slab with eye-catching grey veins. BQ1106 white quartz with gray veining has a high-quality polished and nano-coated surface that is non-porous and non-absorbent of liquids, as well as good corrosion resistance and good heat resistance. BQ1106 white quartz slab is suitable for any scenario and becomes the best countertop decoration for the interior.

-Calacatta black quartz stone. BITTO black Calacatta quartz stone features a black and white color, the black surface covered with bright white veins. This BITTO Calacatta quartz slab is harder than granite, plus the surface is treated with antimicrobial protection to prevent bacterial growth and can be used with confidence. In addition, the black quartz stone slab is a non-porous surface, is almost non-absorbent, easy to maintain, and can easily remove stains caused by daily necessities, perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, worktops, walls, floors, etc.

Where to go for top-grade artificial quartz stones

BITTO quartz offers a variety of novel designs of quartz stone slabs and solid surfaces for you to choose from, their products include a variety of Calacatta, Calacutta, Cararra quartz stones, and polyester solid surface sheets in many colors. As an experienced China quartz manufacturer, Bitto is committed to providing customers with the best quality quartz stone slab. If you are looking for high-quality artificial quartz stones, look no further than BITTO!

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