Casino Sexy – Hottest Card Game Lobby in 2023

Casino Sexy has made gamers think of casinos with beautiful and attractive Dealers. That’s right, players will experience a completely new and unique version of live casino. This is considered the hottest game hall at New88, dominating the rankings of current betting playgrounds, let’s learn more.
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What is Casino Sexy?

Sexy online casino is among the top quality and classy game halls, and is always invited to cooperate by the top 1 bookmakers. Since its launch, the brand has officially affirmed its position through the development of modern, novel casino games. In addition to the diverse red and black games, the unique gameplay has a strange appeal for those who are passionate about card games with prizes.

Coming to Sexy Casino, the enthusiasm of female Dealers with hot bodies will burn the eyes of bettors, you will be immersed in the red and black bets that cannot be stopped. Their beauty makes the bet more dramatic, boosting their excitement to conquer. This is the most prominent point that New88 aims to develop and launch into a competitive market that makes many other playgrounds wary.

What does the upgraded version of Sexy Casino have?

Currently, online casino is no longer a global craze because there are too many bookies springing up, causing saturation. Therefore, New88 realized that it needed to upgrade and refresh its playing field, so it cooperated with Casino Sexy to launch an upgraded version of the online card game with many superior features:

Live room is authentic and professional

Each game in Casino Sexy is invested in a separate live room, separate from games from other game portals. The betting table is newly designed with a modern breath, eye-catching interface, and easy to observe. The live room space is decorated no different from a famous Macau casino in the world.

Because this is a live form, you can completely exchange and chat with the Dealer naturally and comfortably without hesitation. The perfect combination of classic and modern has created an extremely impressive red and black game hall.

Attractive bet level, green nine

Sexy Live Casino always offers different odds for players to choose from. The minimum bet is 50K and there is no maximum limit, so it will satisfy many customer segments. This understanding wins a lot of sympathy and satisfaction from gamers.

Have the opportunity to join the free table

No need to deposit money, you can still participate in the test betting table at Casino Sexy. That is a unique opportunity for players to learn the rules of the game, improve their game knowledge and experience to prepare for a stressful competition. Besides, New88 also supports 100k betting capital for first-time players.

Burn your eyes with the beauty of the Dealers

As mentioned above, the highlight of Casino Sexy is the hot Dealer girls with attractive bodies and lovely faces. In addition, this Dealer also possesses the skills to deal cards smoothly, start the roulette table, control the dice shaking tool,… professionally. And most of all, you will have the opportunity to chat and interact, making betting less boring
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List the hottest casino games

Surely at the Casino Sexy game hall, players will experience a game of red and black betting that challenges the mind and is stressful, not like the slots of pot exploding or fish shooting. This is the right stop for those who are passionate about card games.

Try your luck with Baccarat

The most popular game of Casino Sexy is definitely Baccarat. The exciting, cerebral game is one of the unique ways to play the 52-card deck. Players will have to think carefully about what is the most suitable betting content. Although it does not challenge gamers’ intelligence, you have to race against the god of luck.

Dragon Tiger

The most exciting and exciting game at Sexy Casino is called Dragon Tiger. To win money from opponents, players need to depend a lot on luck. With only two bets, Dragon or Tiger, it is enough to make you anxiously wait for the results every moment. And certainly accompanying you is indispensable for beautiful, professional, and good at communication Dealer girls.


If you have come to the casino betting paradise at New88, you cannot miss the extremely attractive Roulette game. Luck plays a huge part in this game of French origin. Each spin only lasts a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to play more tables.

Casino Sexy atNew88 has brought the brand to the world to reach more bettors. The game lobby has successfully created an impressive highlight in the eyes of gamers with unique, interesting and attractive products. Moreover, the playground launches thousands of attractive gifts to help you get closer to the opportunity to become a tycoon.

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