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What is spur cockfighting? With outstanding strength and special features, iron spurs have become an important factor in helping players win matches. Besides, using iron spurs also brings many benefits to the health and development of chickens. So let’s go Nhà Cái Hi88 Learn more about cockfighting in the following article.

Characteristics and characteristics of iron spur cockfighting

The fighting chicken is a breed of chicken that is bred between fighting chickens and bantams. For the purpose of creating participation in cockfights. This chicken species is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam. Spur chickens have many characteristics in appearance, health, and fighting, different from other types.

  • Spur chickens often have a compact appearance, with colorful feathers.
  • Standing erect, chest wide and well developed muscles.
  • Strong legs with thick, sharp scales.
  • Pair of sharp, sturdy beaks, slightly curved at the tip.
  • The eyes are quick and sharp.
  • Feathers are dense and shiny, helping to protect the body from the effects of external forces.

Fighting chickens with iron spurs have a high ability to withstand blows thanks to their strong bones. They also have good endurance and can fight for a long time. A strong immune system helps them fight common diseases. The average lifespan of a fighting cock is about 2 – 3 years.

The fighting power of chickens with iron spurs

Iron spur fighting cocks are known for their ability to strike accurately and quickly. They often launch kicks with sharp iron spurs at their opponents, causing them to be injured or killed.

  • In terms of strength, chickens fighting with iron spurs are not as good as chickens fighting with knife spurs, but they are better in dexterity and flexibility.
  • During matches, chickens fighting with iron spurs often use their beaks to attack the opponent’s eyes and neck, and at the same time use iron spurs to attack other parts such as the head, wings, and back.
  • With the ability to strike quickly and accurately, cockfighting cocks often win matches.

Distinguishing spur fighting chickens from other types of chickens

Iron spur fighting chickens have a number of different characteristics compared to other types of chickens. Among them, the most noticeable difference is in the pair of sharp iron spurs on the lower part of the legs. In addition, the iron spur fighting chicken also has a compact appearance and colorful plumage, while the Dao spur fighting chicken often has a large appearance and monochromatic plumage.

Spur fighting chickens also have better fighting ability than other types of chickens, especially the ability to strike accurately. They are specially bred and trained to participate in cockfighting fights. While other types of chickens are often raised as pets or for meat.

Popular types of iron spur cockfighting on the market

On the market today there are many popular types of cockfighting spurs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some types that you can refer to if you want to become a professional cockroach breeder:

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Cockfighting with round iron spurs

This type of cockfighting has a round shape, made from stainless steel or durable alloy. Round spurs have the advantage of being light, easy to wear and do not cause too much injury to the chickens. However, the disadvantage of this type of stone is that it easily breaks if the chicken hits a hard object or is kicked too hard.

Cockfighting with square iron spurs

Square spur cockfighting has the advantage of being sturdy and sturdy, causing great damage to chickens. This type of stone is heavy, difficult to wear, and can easily cause serious injury to chickens. Cockers should consider before using this style of play.

Crescent iron spur stone

This type of stone is shaped like a crescent, made from stainless steel or durable alloy. Crescent iron spurs have the advantage of being sharp, causing great damage and being difficult to break.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to wear and can easily injure the chicken’s eyes or neck.

Cockfighting with three-sided iron spurs

This type of stone has a three-sided shape, made from stainless steel or durable alloy. Three-sided iron spurs have the advantage of being sharp, causing great damage and difficult to break.

Cockfighting with iron spurs attached to knives

This type of stone is equipped with a small blade at the tip, made from stainless steel or durable alloy. This type of rock is very dangerous, easily causing serious injury or even death to chickens.

How to use cockfighting spurs effectively in fighting

To use spur chickens effectively in combat, chicken farmers need to note the following points:

  • To increase the effectiveness of chicken spurs, chicken farmers should place them in strategic locations in the chicken coop. This position must ensure safety for the chickens when moving and can help the chickens use rocks to attack or defend.
  • To avoid chickens only knowing how to use a single fighting position, chicken farmers should change the fighting position regularly. Helps chickens practice and develop fighting skills in many different positions.


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