New88 – the most VIP betting playground in 2022

Talking about an online game portal that is comprehensive in both content and form and has the highest level of safety and quality in Vietnam today, it is impossible not to mention the game portal. New88. The most interesting and classy international playground with more than 100 red and black games and super huge betting odds is now available in Vietnam, my friends! Together Dealer New88 Find out now in the article below!

Review of the game portal New88

From its founding and launch until now New88 has sparked a new and explosive wave in the online game business market. When you accidentally venture into this playground, surely betting enthusiasts will be stunned and amazed by the level of investment of the giant. New88.

Nhà Cái New88 is a place where all the purest essence of a world-class, top-class Casino playground converges. This game portal has combined many modern market-leading features and possesses a diverse game store with a clear maturity rate. The new and unique elements helped New88 attract a series of visits from players and help the brand New88 to exist and have a place in today’s vibrant market

Exclusive interface design New88

New88 has caused a stir in public opinion and received countless positive comments in recent times because of possessing a batman-like interface that makes everyone confused and collapsed. Unlike other game portals on the market that use mostly warm colors as the main theme New88 did the opposite when using blue hope as the main color tone in its interface.

At first glance, the interface of the game portal New88 It seems monotonous, but when you look for a long time, the uniqueness inside is revealed. The cool green color with the meaning of hope for a luxurious world has made many people excited and feel positive energy when participating in betting at New88.

In addition, the images and graphics in the game are extremely attractive to players because of the sharp details and careful investment. Not to mention 4K technology with modern HDR resolution rates has leveled the playing field New88 Captivating and authentic like real life.

Sound used in New88 is a combination of cheerful melodies from typical red and black background music that inspires excitement for the gaming community. Can say New88 This is a sincere playground for all those who are passionate about online gambling.

Game’s system New88 diverse and fiery

New88 is the leading playground in building game rooms with high configuration, the most diverse bet types and bet levels on the market. Especially the richest and most popular game system with enthusiasm and dynamism has helped this game portal grow more and more prestigious.

Right from accessing the homepage New88 Then you can choose from a series of the most popular card games today that are clearly and prominently displayed on the homepage. This is one of the outstanding features that few have dealer which can do it.

Depending on your preferences and fighting ability, you can freely choose betting game genres in our game store. New88. Some games that you can refer to are:

  • Card game with a large number of participants, this is one of the most popular game genres in Vietnam. New88 such as: Mau Binh, Tien Len Mien Nam, Phom, Sam Loc, Blackjack,.. And international style card games such as: Sicbo, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette.
  • For Slot games with odds that can make players change their lives quickly such as: Odin, Legendary Egypt, Temple God, Panda Master, Wulong, Zombie, Halloween,…
  • Mini games include simple games such as: Sic Bo, Mini Poker, Over and Under, Candy, Xoc Dia, Bau Cua, etc.

All in all New88 Possessing a huge game store coupled with quality, it is super huge with quite simple game play as well as a high green rate, betting rounds take place quickly so players can press the join button right away. Any!

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Explosive promotional events of New88

At the bookies New88 You are never short of events promotion Attractive offers. The publisher regularly organizes daily events with generous Gift Code warehouses.

Big programs take place on major holidays, the higher the value players receive, some impressive events include:

  • Free Newbie Code for new members when registering and activating their account
  • First deposit offer for new recruits
  • Lifetime promotion for multi-modal payment transactions such as: 200% card value for the first top-up, 115% value when paying with a bank link,…
  • Receive a gratitude code when checking in every day
  • Have a blast spinning the X2

Information security policy of New88

As one of the game portals that successfully built a double security system with 3-layer locks, all customer information when participating in the playground is New88 always kept confidential and 100% secure. Among them, the use of security encryption activation code via OTP code sent to the player’s personal phone number when registering from the beginning is the strength that New88 have been trying to achieve in the past.

And yet, to limit the situation of customers losing information or having money hacked in their accounts like some cases at other less reputable game portals. New88 creating an extremely strong firewall security system that makes hackers helpless if they infiltrate this game portal.

Dedicated professional customer care service New88

Customer care service of New88 Rated 5 stars in the rankings, the customer care staff is trained in the most methodical way with high technical expertise and is ready to support players 24/7, anytime and anywhere. place. Furthermore, the staff’s attitude is extremely dedicated and enthusiastic, which is a plus point New88 strengthen trust in customers’ hearts.

A small note for players is that fake websites have appeared on the market to affect the reputation of the house. Therefore, you should consider and carefully screen the links you access New88 To protect your account and avoid being scammed!


Right from its launch New88 has created its highlight and attraction in the music world. With a serious and dedicated working attitude, New88 has affirmed its position in the hearts of fans. Hopefully in the coming time you will always support and together develop this playground to new heights! Wishing you a successful battle!

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